June 21, 2023

IL TM Update: New Legislation To Encourage Parallel Importation

As part of government policy to encourage parallel importation, Amendment 23 of the Economic Competition Act, 2023 was enacted for the purpose of limiting activities by authorized importers to prevent parallel importation. Despite this recent legislative initiative, some exceptions to parallel trade still remain. One of the key provisions of the new legislation bans the […]

July 18, 2022

IL TM Update: Parallel Imports Not Permitted in Cases of Split TM Ownership

In a recent precedential judgment (CA 7934/20 Jafora v. Ben Shlush), the Israel Supreme Court held that in cases of split ownership of the same trademark in Israel and another country, trademark rights are not exhausted and parallel imports are not permitted. Jafora, Israel’s second largest manufacturer of soft drinks, is the registered owner of […]

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