January 3, 2024

IL Patent Update: Sanctions for misleading representations can target Patentee’s profits

The Supreme Court of Israel held by a majority opinion of an expanded panel that a patentee who willfully provided misleading information to the ILPTO or concealed pertinent information may be liable for restitution of profits derived from delayed generic entry. The judgment results from complex litigation which started more than fifteen years ago and […]

January 23, 2023

ILPTO update: Intent to deceive is a prerequisite for finding of Fraud on the PTO

In a recent decision the ILPTO reiterated that subjective intent to deceive is a prerequisite for imposing sanctions on patentees who violated the strict disclosure obligations under the Patents Act. A mistake in good faith by the inventor or the agent prosecuting the application does not amount to Fraud on the PTO and will not […]

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