Janice Rubin

Janice is an experienced patent attorney. In addition to prosecuting patent applications for major clients in medicinal and solid state chemistry, Janice also takes part in patent litigation at the PTO and the courts. Prior to moving to private practice, Janice was an in-house patent specialist at a large pharmaceutical company with primary responsibility for analyzing patent clusters in preparation for launch of novel drugs. In addition, Janice also worked as a crystallographer at the Ben Gurion University with the late Prof. Joel Bernstein, one of the leading lights of the field.
Janice is a graduate of University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (B.Sc. Chemistry, 1998; M.Sc. Chemistry, 2000) and the Ben-Gurion University (Ph.D. Chemistry, 2004).
Janice is an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy books, and practices interval training.