Dikla Karni

Dikla has a diversified scientific background. In addition to law studies, she also has a degree in medical sciences, a degree in pharmaceutical sciences and a degree in business administration. She also has a strong mathematical background although she did not complete a formal degree in mathematics.
Dikla is involved in prosecuting a broad range of cases and is also involved in life science litigation and opposition work as well as patent proceedings involving defense-related technologies.
Dikla is a graduate of The Hebrew University (B.Sc.Med, 2006); The Hebrew University (B.Sc.Pharm, 2006); The College of Management (LL.B, Cum Laude, 2011); and The College of Management (BBA, 2011). Dikla was a teaching assistant in Contract Law and Property Law at the College of Management and a research assistant in IP Law and Patent Law for the head of law department at The School of Business Administration, College of Management.
Dikla enjoys dancing and was a professional dancer for many years.